Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tips to Avoid Winter Skin Problems

Don't let Winter weather pose a new 'wrinkle' for you during this Winter season. Protect your skin with these tips:

  • Shorten Your Showers. Frequent, long baths and showers can remove the lipids (fats/lubricants) which help retain skin moisture.

  • Moisturize. In the shower, use soaps with moisturizers or add oils t bath water. After your shower, pat dry and replenish moisture with an overall moisturizer.

  • Use Sunscreen. Casual sun exposure adds up over time, even in winter. Choose skin products with SPF 15 protection or add sunscreen to your routine.

  • Make Your House Skin-Friendly. Use a humidifier, especially in your bedroom while you sleep. Also, avoid exposure to cigarette and cigar smoke as they can accelerate the skin's aging process.

  • Stimulate, Exfoliate and Rejuvenate. Winter is a great time to pamper your skin. Scrub your face to remove old skin cells and use face creams with retinoids that can help reduce facial lines and wrinkles. Just don't overdo the scrubbing, too much can remove valuable natural lipids.

Please check with your Dermatologist to discuss your particular skin type and what may be the best recommendations for you to avoid the Winter 'doldrums' for Your Skin.

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