Monday, November 30, 2009

Seasonal Health Tips ~

NOVEMBER is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month.
One person develops Alzheimer's disease every 70 seconds. And 50 to 70 percent of people with dementia-major loss of memory and other cognitive abilities-have Alzheimer's. Although there is no cure, there are treatments that can help with symptoms. To learn more, visit

is Safe Toys and Gifts Month.
Toy-related injuries sent more than 170,00 children younger than 15 to the hospital in 2007. So remember safety when picking holiday gifts for children. Choose durable toys that won't break into sharp pieces or choking hazards. Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for recalls of unsafe toys. Visit

JANUARY is Glaucoma Awareness Month.
People ages 60 and older are at increased risk of developing glaucoma, a group of eye disease that can cause blindness when left untreated. If you are 60 or older, talk with you doctor about glaucoma screening. To find out if you have other risk factors for glaucoma visit

To Your Continued Health and Success!
Miss Julia

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